"With Mercy For The Greedy"

Today, Sibille (who happens to be in my top five circle of friends) did a post regarding a quote on BBC radio. This is what the priest had to say, “If God had meant for all people to be Christians he would have made them all Christians, if he had meant us all to be Muslims he would have made us all Muslims. But he didn’t. He had the power to, but didn’t. You have to wonder why.” Love it.

Sibille, also inquired where my journal title originated. In case anyone else has wondered the same, it comes from this:

by Anne Sexton

For my friend, Ruth, who urges me to make an appointment for the Sacrament of Confession

Concerning your letter in which you ask
me to call a priest and in which you ask
me to wear The Cross that you enclose;
your own cross,
your dog-bitten cross,
no larger than a thumb,
small and wooden, no thorns, this rose—

I pray to its shadow,
that gray place
where it lies on your letter … deep, deep.
I detest my sins and I try to believe
in The Cross. I touch its tender hips, its dark jawed face,
its solid neck, its brown sleep.

True. There is
a beautiful Jesus.
He is frozen to his bones like a chunk of beef.
How desperately he wanted to pull his arms in!
How desperately I touch his vertical and horizontal axes!
But I can’t. Need is not quite belief.

All morning long
I have worn
your cross, hung with package string around my throat.
It tapped me lightly as a child’s heart might,
tapping secondhand, softly waiting to be born.
Ruth, I cherish the letter you wrote.

My friend, my friend, I was born
doing reference work in sin, and born
confessing it. This is what poems are:
with mercy
for the greedy,
they are the tongue’s wrangle,
the world’s pottage, the rat’s star.

4 responses to “"With Mercy For The Greedy"

  1. I’m happy you also liked that quote and wanted to share it further. It is a good saying.

    I have a label in your journal!! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the poem. Now that I re-read it again, I remember you sharing it before.

  2. Ms. S,
    You should know I love you lots….. it was only a matter of time before I mentioned you. I shared the quote with Paul, and he liked it as well.

    I often tell people that in terms of God/Religious Beliefs, it makes sense (at least to me) that we all have a different way of approaching God. No one religion has more “power” than another. My own path is through my understanding of God, and Christ….
    I belong to Pax Christi, a liberal peace & social justice group, which Roman Catholic nuns help found.It was my way “into” a deeper spiritual search.
    God Bless You, Dustin, for sharing this, as it’s true.
    I’ve thought, for a very long time, this:
    Religion is all about GEOGRAPHY(I’m sure if I lived in the MIddle East, I’d be a good Muslim), and Spirituality–the search for God, and Meaning–is all INTERNAL.

  4. Lisa,
    I remember you telling me about the Pax Christi group when we were in the GA Poetry Society and had a meeting at Humpus Bumpus. Does the group have a website?

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