Pushing Like Parton

Anyone who has any sort of extended amount of time with me realizes I have a slight fascination with Dolly Parton. I guess I should explain that slight fascination means she has a restraining order against me, and a reward for the return of her that I might or might not have in my possession (my lawyer has advised me to tread lightly on the wig stealing/borrowing/admiring subject). Anyway, one my obsessions regarding the talented Parton is that I love when she performs covers. I have such an obsession with this that my friend Chris teases me quite a bit— if I comment on how I enjoy a song he’ll blurt, “Yeah, it’d only be better if Dolly sang it.” I always smile at his sarcasm and reply, “Yeah, she’d probably win a Grammy.” (Which is my hit back at him since Dolly won a Grammy for covering “Shine” and Collective Soul didn’t win anything for performing their song—– and Chris loves Collective Soul.)

The idea for this post came about tonight when I was listening to Dolly sing, “Come to My Window.” You can enjoy it below:

Lambda Literary Foundation has a calls for submissions page, and I was excited to read someone is creating an anthology titled DIVAS ANTHOLOGY: Gay Men on Their Divas. For the longest time I’ve been whining about writing a Dolly poem…. looks like now is the time since the deadline is January 15.

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