Non-embryonic Stem Cell Bill

Senator David Shafer (pictured to the right)has authored Senate Bill 148, which would establish a network of Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Banks. Maybe it’s my fascination with the medical field– I’ve worked in retail pharmacy since the age of sixteen and worked toward a nursing degree for year— but I believe a Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood Bank is a great start for research efforts. Honestly, I never thought GA politicians could be so reasonable when it comes to health care– which is sad sense Rep. Sharon Cooper is an “accomplished” nurse, medical administrator, and bully in the GA House….. wait, did I say bully!

I am trying to spread information regarding SB 148 even though it is expected to have an easy pass through committee and the Senate floor. The Georgia Christian Alliance, formerly known as the Georgia Christian Coalition, may not have issues with SB 148 today, but that doesn’t mean tomorrow God won’t speak through Chairwoman Satan Fields’s burning hair-rollers to command she do all in her power to stop the bill, which includes she disown her lesbian daughter– wait she already did that. (Oh wait, I had a type-O, that’s Sadie Fields, and her mug is to your left…… red lipstick… doesn’t the BIBLE say red is a whore’s color?)

Anyway, even though SB 148 is expected to have an easy pass, you know what can happen in the GA General Assembly. Please take a moment to contact the Senate Rules Committee to let the members know you want the bill out of committee and on the Senate floor for a vote. Then contact your Senator to let him/her know you want his/her support on SB 148.

Click here for the list of Senators serving on the Rules Committee. Or, send me an email and I’ll pass along my Microsoft Word chart of contact information for the Rules Committee. (The chart includes names, districts, emails, Capitol mailing addresses, Capitol office and fax numbers.)

Don’t know who is serving you in the GA Senate? Click here to find your Senator.

The only other request I have is to please share information regarding SB 148 with friends, family, and coworkers.

4 responses to “Non-embryonic Stem Cell Bill

  1. Dustin, Hi there–Lisa Allender here…
    That ol’ Sadie Fields is one scary lady. Apparently, her idea of Christianity is to ignore Christ’s teachings of love, tolerance, and inclusion. Sigh. Her poor daughter.

    I’m psyched for Toaster Mag–have sent out a big announcement on it, too!!
    Keep up the great work, and FEEL BETTER, SOON!

  2. Lisa,

    Sadie is something else. If I remember correctly her daughter wrote an editorial in Southern Voice when Sadie was up in arms for the Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage.

    I’m excited about Toastermag as well. I spent about an hour today trying to get out the word that I’m scouting for submissions for the online magazine.


  3. Sibille,

    I should have posted the whole picture of Sadie; she’s wearing all red. However, I didn’t want to give her that much space in my blog.

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