Announcements: Politics to Poetry

~ The House Science & Technology Committee will vote on Senate Bill 148, the Saving the Cure Act, this Thursday at 8am. It is not too late to take action regarding SB 148; please click here to view my latest update on the bill, which includes contact information for the House Science & Technology Committee.

~ The April issue of ToasterMag is up for your viewing pleasure. In this issue’s Editor’s Letter, the editor writes, “In such a short time, [Dustin] has completely recharged our Freehand poetry department.” I think this is evident since the Freehand Department includes a new poem by the talent named Denise Duhamel. Also, Denise gave us permission to reprint “Antichrist Barbie,” which is my favorite poem from her book KINKY.

~ Mark your calendars: The 2007 AIDS Walk Atlanta is scheduled for Sunday, October 21. For the past couple of months I have been hard at work on fundraising projects involving poetry. I plan to announce one of these projects within the next couple of weeks.

2 responses to “Announcements: Politics to Poetry

  1. Sibille,
    Thanks for the comment– love to see messages from you. My friend Lisa sent parts of my blog and information about SB 148 to an estimated 100 people or more– I was really excited about that.


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