Senate Bill 148 Signed into Law

On Thursday, May 24, 2007, I had the pleasure of watching Senate Bill 148 signed into law by Governor Perdue. I have to admit, I was surprised that Senator Shafer invited me to the signing, and it was interesting, to say the least, to be so close to Sadie Fields. (If you don’t recognize the name click here for a blog entry that sum up my thoughts on Sadie.)

OK. I debated whether or not to make the following comment, but I say, oh why not! Thursday was the first time that I’ve ever seen Sadie up close and personal, and I have to know how she keeps her face looking so youthful. The youthful tightness of her cheeks must come nature or maybe her family ages well because I doubt a die-hard religious lady, such as Ms. Fields, would have plastic surgery. I mean, plastic surgery is vanity, right? If I remember correctly, vanity is a sin, not to mention ‘damaging’ the temple. I digress.

Once I find the cord to hook the digital camera to my computer, I’ll post some pictures of the signing.

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