2007 Atlanta Pride Festival Pics

Here are a few pictures from this year’s
Atlanta Pride Festival:
Love it!

Congressman John Lewis spoke on Saturday. Lewis gave a passionate speach that moved me to tears. He told festival participants that the GLBT community will always have his support while he’s in office. He stressed we can’t accept things because “they are.” We must demand and fight for change!

Deborah Gibson (formerly known as Debbie Gibson) performed on Saturday. I was on my way to enjoy VIP seating to take better pictures than the one above, but I lost my 2-way radio in route. I never made it to the VIP seating because I started the search for the radio, hoping I wouldn’t have to tell the powers that be that I lost it.

I didn’t find my radio, but I did find the leather people.

I wanted to buy this for Montgomery, but I gave up when I found out
it was filled with air instead of lube.

2007 Atlanta Pride Festival

I am exhausted!

The Atlanta Pride Festival was held this weekend. I was at the park 10 hours on Friday, 15 hours on Saturday, and 12 hours on Sunday. No, I’m not a super-party-animal…. I’m on the Atlanta Pride Committee, which is a volunteer committee of about 20 people who help make the festival happen.

I will post more on the event at some point during the week and share pictures.

Limp Wrist

Since ToasterMag is ending I’m going to do my own thing. I bought the domain www.limpwristmag.com. Here’s to hoping it is a success.

Poetry Submission Guidelines:

(1) Submit a MAX of five poems. We can’t handle anything bigger than five! All submissions should be a final version ready for publication—it is not the responsibility of Limp Wrist staff to correct your errors or revise submissions. Again, we will NOT make any changes to your submissions, not even if you ask nicely with sugar or Brad Pitt on top.

(2) All submissions may be sent in the body of an email, via snail mail, telegraph, or carrier pigeon. At Limp Wrist, we view attachments like unprotected sex; since we prefer not to catch anything,so we won’t open attachments. Email submissions should be sent to dustin@limpwristmag.com. Snail mail submissions should be sent to:

Limp Wrist Magazine
Attn: Poetry Editor
PO Box 47891,
Atlanta, GA 30362.

OK. We were joking about sending submissions via telegraph and carrier pigeon. It seemed funny; indulge us and laugh at our humor.

(3) All submissions must include two forms of contact information.

(4) Please include the following statement (and mean it!) with your submissions: “The poems submitted are my own original work and have not been previously published.”

(5) If your work is chosen for publication, you give Limp Wrist the right to republish the work at a later date, whether it be online or in print.

(6) Please note, if your work is selected for publication (and even if it isn’t) you will receive a response from Limp Wrist. We strive to reply to all submissions within one month; please note the max response time is two months. If you send a follow-up message before two months, we’ll reply via our deluxe carrier pigeon!

Key West Literary Seminar ~ Jan. 14 – Jan. 20

Today, while I was mulling over the rejection from KO, it hit me that I never posted the news about the Kew West Literary Seminar. I received a scholarship that will enable me to attend the 26th Annual Seminar: NEW VOICES- Where are We Going? Where Have Been?, participate in a workshop lead by Dara Wier, and stay at Eden House (home of the seminar & pictures to the right). I’m thrilled to be able to attend the seminar and have the chance to experience Key West for the first time.