"Public Affair" ~ Jessica Simpson

Until the launch party for the 2007 Atlanta Pride magazine, I had never heard Simpson’s “Public Affair” nor seen the video. Once I started watched I was hooked until the end of the video. I felt like I was sinning because the video is a bit cheesy; however, I think the cheese-factor is what makes the video entertaining and slightly endearing— Christina Applegate helps a hell of a whole lot with that too! All the cameras come out for a public affair. But anyway, here’s the video for you…..

6 responses to “"Public Affair" ~ Jessica Simpson

  1. MM… You left out an important fact– on the back of your shorts it reads “Can’t touch this!”


  2. I can’t stand this insufferable, fake-tittied chipmunk. Ugh! Christina Applegate is totally slumming here.

    As for MM, J.Lo has nothing on M.Mo’s rump.

  3. CK- So harsh, so harsh!

    Charles– I knew she looked familiar. OH, precious spoiled little Lisa.

    Rick– So true on both! The only lyrics I understand are the cameras coming out for a public affair… it’s all about the skating for me.

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