Daisy Delivered

Back in May, I mentioned Daisy in a blog entry. Today, I finally share pictures of the newest addition to the BrookshireAppleman household. Behind the cuteness that is DAISY:

Daisy was purchased from the Atlanta Humane Society on May 14, 2007. She’s so precious and extremely sweet in the mornings; however, at times she can be more dangerous than the shark from JAWS.

Picture this….. Paul and I sitting in the adoption room talking with the Atl Humane Society employee. She starts to tell us the scoop on Daisy. She says, “Daisy was born on January 19, 2007.” I squeal in a loud and gay fashion— a nellie moment, if you will. The lady looks at me. I apologize and reply, “I’m soooo gay. She has the same birthday as Dolly Parton!”

7 responses to “Daisy Delivered

  1. MM– You so would have squealed too. I know you would! The lady laughed. I told her it’d make a good story for later if she needed to talk about interactions with “queens.”

  2. Sibille– You know this makes you Aunt Sibille, right?

    CK– You’ll have to meet her. Even though I don’t recall you being a pet person, unless it’s a he and he’s toned.

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