New Villanelle– "Black Out"

Black Out

NEWARK, N.J. — The yearbooks were finally printed and ready to be picked up by students at Newark’s East Side High School — but not before some officials snapped open their correcting pens to edit out a picture of two males kissing. Described as “illicit” and provocative by Newark’s superintendent of schools, Marion Bolden, the photograph depicts a kiss between 18-year-old Andre Jackson and David Escobales.

If you don’t comply, we’ll black you out—
it’s rather simple, with marker or ink.
Don’t be a baby; don’t sit and pout.

We’d go Stepford, without a doubt,
instant consistency, or with the ease of a blink,
if you don’t comply, we’ll black you out.

Don’t be selfish, don’t you see what this is about,
take a moment, sit and think,
but don’t be a baby, don’t whine and pout.

We have an image to maintain, a certain clout,
that could be damaged with boys kissing boys, boys in pink,
if you don’t comply, we’ll black you out.

If you corner us, if you stand up and shout,
and happen to draw the media, the clink
of cameras won’t cause us to sit and pout.

We’ll utter an apology, mention regret, spout
whatever it takes so we don’t sink.
Remember, if you don’t comply, we’ll black you out.
Don’t be baby; don’t sit and pout.


Anne & Max and there is Toni

A poet I briefly met when she lived in Atlanta messaged me on Myspace. I had only heard her read once, and I loved what I heard. After a few Myspace emails, our messaging went something like this…

me: You know Anne [Sexton] and Maxine [Kumin] used to swap poems and critique each other. We should totally be Anne and Maxine.

her: So, you want to be Anne or Max?

me: Anne. I’m crazy enough, seriously.

Now, it has started, and it is exciting. I think this poetic relationship will be very beneficial.

OK…. CK the next time I see you, I’m going to smack you… because of your blog entry, I am addicted this:

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