5 responses to “Current Addiction: "Bette Davis Eyes"

  1. Alexg–That musta been amazing!

    To Dustin–I cannot post a comment at a couple of your recent entries, so here goes:
    First, I am SO sorry for your loss of your Aunt Betty!I think Aunts are “second Moms”–to help us if our “real” Mom is not mentally there for us, and/or to be an adjunct.Sounds like you admired her; I’m glad you knew that kind of truth and honesty. I lucked out with a wonderful Aunt(Aunt Carolyn), too!
    I loved your AIDS Quilt posts–both of them… It is hard to remember so many lives/deaths, but remember them, we must…

  2. Lisa, Thanks for your comments regarding my aunt. I’m glad you enjoyed both the entries with the AIDS Quilt pictures. I wish time had allowed for me to take a picture of every single piece of the quilt.

  3. Dustin, again, THANK YOU for remembering the lives lost…
    My ol’ college pal, Ric Castillo, (great dancer/actor–He was Featured on Star Search in the late 1980’s, & WON!He went on to do Broadway) helped found “Broadway Cares”–an AIDS Charity. He, himself later died of AIDS.
    And my dear pal and co-worker, Terry Graves, also died from AIDS.I Blogged about Terry long ago, at my website
    but it bears mentioning again–years after his death, I met a wonderful writer who I felt immediately drawn to–and commented to that writer, on the phone one day, that a reference in a poem of his, about stockpiling pills(to make “the end” easier) by an uncle of his, reminded me of my ol’ friend, Terry Graves. That writer? Collin Kelley. Turns out, Terry Graves–my co-worker from years before–was the uncle of whom he’d written.

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