Pull Out the February 2008 Calendar

After a number of emails between Kodak Harrison and Laure-Anne Bosselaar, I am excited to announce that Laure-Anne Bosselaar will be a feature at Kodac’s Java Monkey Speaks on Sunday, February 17, 2008. Mark it on your calendar; program it in your PDA. I am telling you this as sure as I’m Dolly obsessed– you won’t want to miss this reading.

I met the fantastic Laure-Anne two years ago at the Palm Beach Poetry Festival, and she was kind enough to meet with me this past January at PBPF. She is an amazing person as well as poet. I simply love her personality. She has graciously agreed to an interview for the first issue of Limpwrist (yay!).


Variety– Limpwrist to Work to …..

~ MM is the greatest; he’s got some mad skills. Chick here to check out this page he created to pimp out Limpwrist.

~ Today, I had my first disappointment with the new job. When I interviewed for the new job I was told that I would have 2 weeks vacation. Now the person I interviewed with, who is also my supervisor, told me she is sorry for the miscommunication. In book it isn’t miscommunication when you flat out tell me something then basically say you didn’t. The lack of vacation time poses a big problem for me since I’m going to the Key West Literary Festival in January, which will have be off Wednesday to Wednesday. Another supervisor told me I could work longer shifts on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday to help with the time loss– it is a nice gesture but when you depend on 40 hours a week it isn’t enough.

~ Check Charles Jensen’s blog today and scroll to his entry 11/20/07. He has a new chapbook with a fabulous cover titled The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon.

~ Paul and I watched the Hairspray remake last night. I prefer the 1988 version— even if that means I lose some gay points. Michelle Pfieffer did an amazing job playing the bitch. Evidence below:

3rd Annual GLBT Holiday Tree Lighting

It’s a full evening of fun, food, and friends when Outwrite plays host to the Third Annual GLBT Holiday Tree Lighting, a benefit for Atlanta Pride Committee, on Thursday, Nov. 29 starting at 7:30 p.m. hosted by the outrageous local personality Ruby Redd. This event is free and open to the public.

This year live music is an added feature with appearances by DeJe Johnson, a performer from Blake’s Southern Comfort series, and OurSong, the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chorus. Live theatre is also represented with appearances by Scrooge from Alliance Theatre’s production of A Christmas Carol as well as by the elfin star of Horizon Theatre’s production of The Santaland Diaries.

A special guest appearance by Carey Sherrell, a contestant on Donald Trump’s television series The Apprentice, is also scheduled.

While kids of all ages are invited, only those 21 years of age or older will be able to purchase a wristband ($5) entitling bearers to free food and drink. Raffles for fabulous prizes donated by area businesses are also planned. Smirnoff Twist is providing cocktails with Vitamin Energy providing non-alcoholic beverages. Blake’s on the Park is supplying food.

Revelers may also place their festive ornaments on the Holiday Tree.

This gala event is sponsored by Outwrite, Smirnoff Twist, Vitamin Energy, Blake’s on the Park, David, Southern Voice, and Atlanta Pride Committee.

(from Outwrite’s webpage)

"Buying Stock" ~ Denise Duhamel

Love this poem.


“…The use of condoms offers substantial protection, but does not
guarantee total protection and that while
there is no evidence that deep kissing has resulted in
transfer of the virus, no one can say that such transmission
would be absolutely impossible.”
— The Surgeon General, 1987

I know you won’t mind if I ask you to put this on.
It’s for your protection as well as mine–Wait.
Wait. Here, before we rush into anything
I’ve bought a condom for each one of your fingers. And here–
just a minute–Open up.
I’ll help you put this one on, over your tongue.
I was thinking:
If we leave these two rolled, you can wear them
as patches over your eyes. Partners have been known to cry,
shed tears, bodily fluids, at all this trust, at even the thought
of this closeness.

~ Denise Duhamel

Spam Poetry– Rated X

I’m willing to be someone else’s life, but not anyone I care deeply about, that it was T.S. Eliot who once said, Good poets borrow; great poets steal. I am in no way calling myself a great poet. I am only using Eliot’s line to soften the stealing of an idea, but I know CK won’t mind— after all I am giving him credit. CK recently posted a poem in his blog that was created from the subject lines of his spam mail, but I heard him first mention the idea of saving spam subject lines at the Outwrite reading I did earlier this month. I absolutely fell in love with the idea, so I started saving spam subject lines.

Every line in the poem below is from a subject line. The poem is rated X.. (I wonder if Loretta Lynn will pay me for that reference to her song)– be warned….. I like it.. hope you will too

Spam Poem 1

Dear prize winner
Make a breakthrough in your sexual relationship
Don’t let your dick provoke her laughter
Don’t be an average man! Megadick will lift you up to the top
You’ll never be unhappy in bed anymore!

Forget about failures in the bedroom
Bigger penis is not just an illusion
Make all the girls notice your manhood
Grow a hulky shaft
Let your penis grow into a purple-headed demon
Separate yourself from other men
Your new penis will be all women’s dreams



Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. My mother outdid herself. We enjoyed turkey, green beans, rice, mac&cheese, okra, squash casserole, rolls, corn, and homemade cheese cake for dessert. (The corn, okra, green beans, and squash were grown in my parents garden.) After dinner we watched some of the Law & Order marathon. I could stay glued to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for hours, sadly, maybe days.

After leaving my parents’ place, Paul and I went to the theater to watch THE MIST. I was expecting to be disappointed with the movie because I often feel let down when Stephen King’s literary works are made into movies; however, THE MIST was great. Go see it this weekend; you won’t regret it.

I had two favorite performances in the movie. One was by Marcia Gay Harden as crazy-ass schizo religious zealot Mrs. Carmody. Her performance was flawless. Frances Stermhagen as Irene, the town’s caring elementary school principal, was my other favorite performance. Irene has a memorable line that will have you laughing– “I have more canned peas!” Even though I enjoyed the performances of these lovely women, I still enjoyed eye candy Thomas Jane as David Drayton— yum.

WGA Strike Perspective from Richard Andreoli

Below are links to blog entries written by Richard Andreoli, editor of MONDOHOMO. Rick has written some interesting and informative blog entries regarding the Writer’s Guild of America Strike, and I have enjoyed reading his entries.

Grass Roots Institute Sale!

The first time I heard the name Aida Rentas was
at an Atlanta Pride Committee when we were
discussing and voting on male and female grand marshalls for the 2007 Atlanta Pride Parade. After hearing about Aida, I was surprised I had never of her before. I thought to myself, this woman sounds amazing! If you don’t want to take my word for it, heck even if you do, I encourage you to click here to read here biography on the APC website.

I remember when I walked into Aida’s Grass Roots Institute (GRI). (You can see a little bit of the store in my Dolly Night at GRI blog entry; you’ll also see Aida strutting it as Dolly.) The store was packed with all kinds of art from floor to wall to ceiling– paintings, pottery, photography, homemade soap & candles, and so much more. I couldn’t help but feel at home and safe, which I am sure is how the children involved in Aida’s program feel. Aida and I sat down and chatted about the work I wanted to do with her organization. I don’t think I have ever had someone I just met keep me smiling and laughing for an entire lengthy conversation. Quickly I learned Aida is what I call a spit-fire– fiesty….blunt…tells it like it is no matter what. I fell in love.

Anyway, I could write a book on the wonders of Aida, but I should get to the purpose of this post. GRI is moving locations. To help in the switching of locations Aida is having a huge sale. I stopped by Saturday to check out the sale and left with a few goodies. GRI will be open every day this week from 10am to 6pm, except for Thanksgiving. Schedule some time to visit GRI— you’ll probably find a little something-something for yourself or someone else.

Grass Roots Institute
593 Edgewood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30312
(located by the Lighting Loft)

Dustin-Contest Time

I have had the desire to do something different, fun and a little bit unique, so I thought why not have a Dustin-Contest. No, I’m not self centered, only lazy– it is must easier to come up with questions about me than to do extensive research to create really hard trivia questions.

This entry contains eleven questions. Five of the questions are multiple choice and the others are very short answer. If a question is marked with an asterisk it means the answer has been discussed in my blog. There is one trick question; it should be obvious that it is a trick question but the answer is not so obvious.

Like any decent contest, there will be a prize. If I happen to feel frisky there might be a prize for second place. However, we all know that second place is only the first person to lose– or at least that is what my dad used to tell me.

TO WIN, email your answers to dustinvbrookshire@gmail.com. Please type “Dustin-Contest” in the subject line. All comments regarding my cuteness as a child, visible in the above picture, may be left in a comment.

1. For the past couple years, I’ve wanted to do Dolly for Halloween. Which Dolly did I want to be?
A) Here You Come Again- Dolly
B) Best Little Whorehouse in Texas- Dolly
C) Halo & Horns- Dolly

2. Out of the three poets below, which would I consider my favorite?
A) Kim Addonizio
B) Marilyn Nelson
C) Denise Duhamel

3. How many times have I visited Dollywood?

4. What poet do I consider as my mentor?*

5. Who is my favorite actress?
A) Jodi Foster
B) Kathy Bates
C) Dolly Parton

6. Whenever I attend a workshop or conference what book do I always take?
A) Furious Cooking
B) Bodies that Hum
C) Kinky

7. What is my boyfriend’s name?*

8. Which celebrity does Daisy share a birthday with?*

9. In January 2008, what conference will I attend?*

10. What movie introduced me to the wonderful, funny, and talented Madeline Kahn?
A) Blazing Saddles
B) Clue
C) Young Frankenstein

11. What follows my blog’s name?