America’s Next Top Model

I have a fever. No, Christopher Walken, it can’t be cured by more cowbell. However, it can be cured by more of America’s Next Top Model. Yes, I realize admitting my addiction to Top Model upgrades my gay card from regular to platinum— it can’t be helped.

Today, there was a Top Model marathon on MTV…… this means my goals of rearranging this and that & washing a couple of loads of clothes never happened. Damn you Tyra.

It doesn’t hurt that Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker show up on every episode. Jay and Nigel = Exquisite Eye Candy that is diabetic approved.

One response to “America’s Next Top Model

  1. Okay, I think I needs me some eye-candy, boy-toy stuff!
    I’ve never watched Top Model, but you can bet I’ll be…. Shamelessly checking out the young men!
    This sounds like a nice “break” from what I normally focus on: Darfur, AIDS, leukemia, Iraq war, impeaching Dick Cheney, Peace Vigils, etc…

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