3 responses to “2008 Atlanta Pride Theme

  1. Yeah, Gay Pride!
    It’s about time that emphasis on VOTING came back into “vogue”. I have run into quite a few “party boys” who do not realize the huge sacrifices that were made so they could have an easier go of life. Things surely are NOT perfect, and it feels the Conservative Christian Right is tearing–everyday– at the fabric of our diversity.
    In response, several liberal Christian groups(it’s NOT an oxymoron–Christ was for the poor; the ones with no representation; and He was a Pacifist)groups including Call-To-Action Catholics, are putting a PRO-gay rights agenda on their slate!

  2. Lisa,
    I agree– a lot of twinks these days don’t know anything about gay rights. But I have to admit, there is a majority of my age group that isn’t aware either.

    A few years ago I did an internship with GA Equality, and I registered people to vote. On one occasion I had a table in front of Burkharts (gay bar)… it was crazy how many gay men told me they weren’t registered to vote and that their vote didn’t matter. It was sad to hear such comments.

  3. Hi Dustin–geez, that IS surprising–I thought the super-young(under 22) were the ones who didn’t think about voting, but you know, maybe we’re both being too hard on this issue–I mean, it could be it’s not just GAY folks who are thinking their vote doesn’t count.I mean, the past couple of Presidential elections have not exactly inspired ANYone’s confidence in the PROCESS…or the RESULTS!(sigh)
    We all should pay attention to HISTORY, though… IMHO, “Stonewall” and the still–constant struggle for LGBTQ rights should be taught at high-school level, just as the history of Native Americans is now taught, the push for Civil Rights in 1960’s for African-Americans is taught!

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