"Why Do I Write" ~ Dara Wier

At the Key West Literary Seminar, I participated in Dara Wier’s workshop, and she asked the workshop participants why we write. I thought this would make for a great blog topic, so I’m going to feature the answer of some of my favorite poets.

Why Do I Write ~ Dara Wier

I write to keep mortality in check. I write because all the poets before us wrote and lent us their genius and showed us ways to write with abandon. Because making up something whether it be the shape of a poem or content there in amazes. I write because there’s nothing better to do. And I mean nothing. Because writing renders one unselfconscious, a state to prefer, to be lost in writing’s miraculous ways. Because it’s preferable to be lost in writing.

"Love Poem" by David Trinidad

Love Poem

At 4:30 a.m., I wake up
from a nightmare, bump
through the dark apartment
to pee, then sit and smoke
a cigarette in the living
room. When I get back
in bed, Ira wakes up
and says: “You’re a sweet
man, do you know that?”
I tell him I’ve been having
bad dreams. I’m lying on
my back; he tells me to roll
on my side. As I do, he presses
against me from behind and
wraps his arm around my chest.
“You’re safe now,” he whispers
into my neck. “Go back to sleep.
You won’t have any more bad dreams.”

– David Trinidad, from ANSWER SONG

Birthday Wreck

Well, on Tuesday I turned 25, and I had a car wreck as well. I suppose I have a talent for doing things with bang. I’m OK; however, I wish I could say the same for my car. Looks like I’ll be careless for a few weeks.

Since my 21st birthday I have used my birthday as a “fundraising” event. For the past few years I have collected canned goods and monetary donations for Project Open Hand; however, I am changing it up this year by collecting donations for Grass Roots Institute. If you follow my blog then you have a glimpse of the wonderful organization that is GRI. (f you’re new to the blog click here for a previous blog entry with a little information; however, ignore the address at the end because GRI has moved.)

Ms. Aida, GRI founder, is starting a used bookstore for the youth involved in GRI. If you want to do some early spring cleaning by getting rid of some books from your shelves please shoot me an email. I might be willing to take care of shipping expenses. Ms. Aida is also on the lookout for disposable cameras for the youth to use at GRI events; many of the youth involved could benefit from being able to capture the positive memories they make with GRI. As always, school supplies go a long way!

Please contact me if you want to donate to GRI. I’ll make sure you receive a receipt to save for tax time.

Key West Literary Seminar & Workshop Thoughts– 1

The Key West Literary Seminar and Workshop was an intense experience for me. Venturing into the wonderful world of Key West I wrote four poems– that’s not even counting workshop poems. The muse was generous to me.

I met a number of amazing people while at the seminar & workshop; I’m thankful that our life paths crossed—–That’s you Sylvia Plath Oven Group. (Oh, there’s a “scandalous” story behind that name; I’ll share it later.) I plan on visiting a few of the people I befriended throughout 2008, and I gave many of them an invited to be my guest in Atlanta.

Dara Wier is brilliant. Her workshop was titled as “not the typical workshop,” and it wasn’t by any means. The thought of not have the typical workshop structure made me nervous; however, as we went into workshop, I had no issues with it. Many thanks to Dara for her leadership and sharing much wisdom with her workshop participants. To praise her, I’ll share one of her poems:

She Thinks She Hung the Moon

My head is a pincushion for darning needles.
It is an egg containing its brood.
It shares its nest with legions of Roman soldiers.
Perhaps it is over-inhabited.
It does not bite.
My head is a tabernacle, it loves the smell of frankincense.
If my head were a prison it would be empty.
It would be filled with music of orange blossoms.
My head is a quiver, a patch and satchel.
It is an arena.
My head is a satellite drifting out of its orbit.
Heads like mine have been found on all seven continents.
They have been linked to life on other planets.
They have been stamped on coins and traded for food.
My head is a nest of boxes, an over-night case.
It has been bombed and looted and sacked.
It has been riddled with scarves, with shoelaces.
My head is an unopened geode, an unopened coconut.
I like to listen to it slosh around.
I like to think of the moon working on it.
My head is a good hiding place, a safe house.
It is where to be in a lightning storm.
It is a cave curtained by a waterfall.

~ from HAT ON A POND by Dara Wier

BACKWOODS BARBIE — Released 2/5/08

If you pre-order the album via the Dolly website, you can purchase a super gay Dolly shirt. I don’t even think I’m gay enough to prance in the shirt (see below).

tracks listing:
01. Better Get to Livin’
02. Made of Stone
03. Drives Me Crazy
04. Backwoods Barbie
05. Jesus Gravity
06. Only Dreamin
07. Tracks of My Tears
08. Really Got The Lonesomes
09. Cologne
10. Shinola
11. I Will Forever Hate Roses
12. Somebodys Everything

OK. Time to finish packing, nap, then leave around 3am for Key West.

Six Days Until Key West

I leave next week for the Key West Literary Seminar.

I owe a huge thank you to CK, Lisa, and Dr. G for writing lovely emails of recommendation to go along with my scholarship application.

Also, I owe a huge thanks to the peeps at the seminar for granting me the scholarship because I couldn’t attend without it. Special, special thanks to the director Miles.

Poetry, warm weather, and the beach for a week… what a combination! I am looking forward to my first visit to Key West.

Do the rules of Vegas apply to Key West. Does what in happen in Key West stay in Key West?

Last Blog Entry for 2007

Well, I wish I was bringing in the New Year on a more positive note. I had to leave work early today because I am so sick. The cold I’ve been battling for the last week finally opened a can of whoop-ass today by giving me a migraine. I started crying while talking to a coworker, which was embarrassing for me, but I went directly to the doctor afterward. Antibiotics and steroids… the doctor believes the migraine was caused by inflammation around my sinus cavities.

This is my first experience with having a migraine, and I am OK if this is my last. Growing up I saw firsthand how migraines affected my mother. My mother would stay in bed for a solid week if not more. I remember covering the windows in my mom’s bedroom in an effect to ease her discomfort and having to make her eat. When I was a kid it was scary for me; I worried about her when I’d go to school. There were days when I would cry and beg for her to let me stay home so I could take care of her. Some days she’d let me. There were a couple of times when I was a teenager that I flat out refused to go to school because she seemed worse than usual.

OK. Enough of memory lane.

I received DOLLY AND FRIENDS the other day; it’s simply 150 minutes of Dolly-Heaven. If you’re a Dolly fan, purchase a copy today. Even if you’re not a Dolly fan, purchase a copy today… 70s Dolly might win you over.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun NYE as well as a splendid New Year. May you obtain everything you want and deserve in 2008.