Birthday Wreck

Well, on Tuesday I turned 25, and I had a car wreck as well. I suppose I have a talent for doing things with bang. I’m OK; however, I wish I could say the same for my car. Looks like I’ll be careless for a few weeks.

Since my 21st birthday I have used my birthday as a “fundraising” event. For the past few years I have collected canned goods and monetary donations for Project Open Hand; however, I am changing it up this year by collecting donations for Grass Roots Institute. If you follow my blog then you have a glimpse of the wonderful organization that is GRI. (f you’re new to the blog click here for a previous blog entry with a little information; however, ignore the address at the end because GRI has moved.)

Ms. Aida, GRI founder, is starting a used bookstore for the youth involved in GRI. If you want to do some early spring cleaning by getting rid of some books from your shelves please shoot me an email. I might be willing to take care of shipping expenses. Ms. Aida is also on the lookout for disposable cameras for the youth to use at GRI events; many of the youth involved could benefit from being able to capture the positive memories they make with GRI. As always, school supplies go a long way!

Please contact me if you want to donate to GRI. I’ll make sure you receive a receipt to save for tax time.

4 responses to “Birthday Wreck

  1. I hope you are ALL RIGHT!!
    PLEASE make sure you are okay.Gosh, even a tap from behind(I just realized how funny that sounds) could injure you!
    I really am serious–your neck could be hurt, or something…
    If you’re okay, and all right to celebrate with the PARTY, I’m in!

  2. MM- Thanks!

    CK- Of course the party is still on!

    Lisa- I’m fine and dandy, it’s like a hard candy Christmas.. wait, that’s a Dolly song… 🙂
    No, seriously, I’m fine. The party is still on; Lord knows I need a party right about now!

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