"Save the Buckhead Library"

A friend on the APC Committee sent me the email below, so I wanted to share it:

I know this is not Midtown; and whether you “like” Deconstructivist Architecture or not, the point is that many do not understand nor do they appreciate the Buckhead Library’s place in Atlanta architectural history. We all know that Atlanta has very few unique buildings. Why does everything in Atlanta have to be brand new, “developed” and made of EIFS?

If interested, please follow the four steps below, if you feel so inclined.

1. READ: By the book: Buckhead library may be razed

2. SIGN: Click here for the petition

3. ATTEND: Save the Buckhead Library Forum, February 21, 2008, from6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the Architecture Auditorium, East Architecture Building.


William H. Herbig
Director of Urban Design . Midtown Alliance

Also, there has been a blog created for the cause– Save the Library

2 responses to “"Save the Buckhead Library"

  1. Hi Dustin–I commented at the news article, AND I signed the petition.As a member of Fulton County, I’ve used many libraries, and the Buckhead LIbrary is absolutely lovely!
    THANK YOU for alerting us to this!

  2. Hi Dustin–I’ll see you on Thursday at the “Gayla” for Limp Wrist!!
    I just tried to e-mail you, but my e-mail is “down”.Hugs & Peace,

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