NY State Summer Writers Institute

Please, send positive vibes and energy my way!

Dr. Beth Gylys nominated me for a NY State Summer Writers Institute Scholarship. I submitted my application yesterday, and I will find out on March 20, 2008 if I will receive a scholarship. Even if I don’t win a scholarship, I won’t be too disappointed because I am honored that I was nominated. It means the world to me that I was thought when Dr. G was asked to nominate a student.

Since 2005 to 2007, 58 students received the full scholarships from colleges such as URochester, Temple U, Brown U, Cleveland State, Connecticut College, Stanford U, Sarah Lawrence, Washington U, Wellesley College, Yale U, UMiami, Bennington College, NYU, UMichigan, Boston U, Portland State, and UMaryland. I’d love to be able to slap GSU to the list.

OK… wish me TONS of luck– I need it! ! !

5 responses to “NY State Summer Writers Institute

  1. That would be cool. I love summer institutes. The writing flows, as does the bonding with other writers.

    Good luck!!

  2. Brent/CK,

    I agree– I always have a great and productive time when I attend conferences and seminars. & thanks!

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