Limp Wrist Live at Midnight

Volume 1, Issue 1
live @ midnight

Interveiws with:
Laure-Anne Bosselaar
Alex Gildzen

Poetry by:
Cecilia Woloch
Dara Wier
David Trinidad
Taylor Teegarden
Gillian Mccain
Corey Mesler
Bobbi Lurie
Michelle A. Ladwig
Collin Kelley
Beth Gylys
Brent Goodman
Jeremy Glazier
Denise Duhamel
Jeffery Conway
Dustin Brookshire
Stacie Boschma

Art/Photos by:

Peter Schwartz
Kel Vickers
Reverend Kurtz
Scott Hill

Dustin Brookshire, Editor

Montgomery Maxton, Artistic Editor & Web Designed
Charles Jenson, Blurb Editor

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