Prop 8 Link Time

Gay Writers Respond to Proposition 8’s Win in California

Kate Evans—poet, novelist, blogger, educator, and lovely lesbian– writes on Prop 8.

Justin Evans– poet, blogger, editor, educator, and hetero ally– writes about Prop 8 and the Mormon influence.

Miguel Murphy– poet, blogger, educator, and gay male– writes about Prop 8.

Prop. 8 protesters target Mormon temple in Westwood

Mormons for Proposition 8

From Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish

Prop. 8 protests block S.F. streets

Thousands March Against Prop 8 in Silver Lake

Mormons face flak for backing Prop. 8

2 responses to “Prop 8 Link Time

  1. Hey CK, with this post I was spot lighting articles and peep’s opinions. I’m going to write a more formal post with my thoughts on the issue at a later time and link the official Prop 8 site. Thanks for checking out the entry!

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