Limp Wrist Raffle Extended

Donate to Limp Wrist before 3/30/09, and you are automatically entered to win some of the items you see above. (Items will be given away in groups of three.) All donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE and fund the Limp Wrist scholarship.

Here’s the donation breakdown:
$5 = 1 Chance
$10 = 3 Chances
$20 = 5 Chances
$45 = 10 Chances
$200 or More = You pick the three items you want. Plus, you’ll receive a mention in Limp Wrist.

AND for fun:
If I raise $1,000 by 3/30/09, I will create a Youtube video of me doing Dolly drag. Silence to the peanut gallery– even though I am crazy for Dolly, I don’t spend my weekends in Dolly drag.


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