National Poetry Month Begins!

National Poetry Month officially starts today!

Please leave comments on this blog entry letting me know what you have planned to celebrate National Poetry Month.

In honor of National Poetry Month I am running a series in I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin titled How I Discovered Poetry. Get ready for responses from Denise Duhamel, Ellen Bass, Charles Jensen, and more.

I think you will enjoy the How I Discovered Poetry series!

4 responses to “National Poetry Month Begins!

  1. I am going to read a poem by a different poet each day with my girlfriend. Sounds cheesy — but I think it will really open up my range. I find I read the same 12 or 13 poets time and again.

    O, and then there’s the whole togetherness / romance thing Yep.

  2. I’ve decided against another month in the trenches for NaPoWriMo, simply for my own sanity. However, I’m planning to post a poem a day on my blog!

  3. Your series sounds great. I’ll subscribe to the feed for that.

    Me, I’m just doing snarky NaPoMo e-cards. And reading, writing, eating and breathing poems as usual.

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