Amazon Becomes a Drama Mama

The blogosphere is buzzing with the with the Amazon drama, so I’m not going to write a lengthy post on the topic. I think anyone who spends two minutes knows my opinion on the drama– lame. If you are asking, What drama, well, you need to visit at least one of the links below.

Queerty: Gay Lit Too “Adult” for

Mark R. Probst: Amazon Follies

Pam’s House Blend: Amazon: LGBT books too “adult” to be ranked

Deep Dish: Sign Petition Protesting Amazon’s LGBT Discrimination

Democratic Underground: Amazon on an anti-gay crusade? Removing sales rankings from LGBT titles.

Ingrid Díaz:

Publishers Weekly: Amazon Says Glitch to Blame for “New” Adult Policy

One response to “Amazon Becomes a Drama Mama

  1. Appalling!! I removed myself from their email lists, and posted links to these articles on my facebook & gchat statuses; also sent out mass email to friends & family. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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