Busy Day: KSU LGBT Summit & Poet’s Dinner

I started off my day by going to Kennesaw State University for the KSU LGBT Summit. I gave a “lecture” on Online Social Networking– Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and the Blogosphere. I listened in on a presentation by Melanie Janus, and she was great. I’ll give you one line from her presentation: “Capitalism may have taken my virginity, but Coke-Cola called me back the next day.” I won’t elaborate because I plan on interviewing her for I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin.

I think my part went well. I received a number of compliments, and I was happy that a handful of students stuck around after to chit-chat. Good times.

Then… There was a flat tire:
Unfortunately, I was stuck on the bridge that you see in the background of this picture. Luckily, I was able to make to asphalt. I was a bit nervous during the whole incident.

THEN…. It was off to the Poet’s Dinner!

In the front: Cleo Creech and Beth Gylys.
The rest– L to R: Dustin Brookshire, Julie Bloemeke, Megan Volpert, Collin Kelley Rupert Fike, and Christine Swint

It was yet another great time with talented poets.

3 responses to “Busy Day: KSU LGBT Summit & Poet’s Dinner

  1. That’s neat – you are a great one to teach people about how to use technology to disseminate information.

    Sorry about the flat tire. I’d be in a real pickle, because I have no idea how to change one (and I don’t want to know).

    See you next time! That new restaurant looks fab.

  2. CK– NO! I did this post a handful of times because of some technical issues. Before my computer crashed, I had you in it!

    Christine– It was good to see you again!

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