Happy Birthday Denise Duhamel


I’m posting links to Denise Duhamel related items in honor of her birthday. Drop by the Fans of Duhamel Duhamel or A Group of Duhamalites to leave her a birthday message. Enjoy the links.

One of my favorite Denise poems, “Sometimes The First Boys Don’t Count.”

Denise reading at Books & Books; plus, there is a statement from Denise on light verse in her work.

Denise’s brilliant poem in the “How I Discovered Poetry” series.

Denise’s “Fathers” in Ducts.

Brief interview with Denise in I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin.

Denise’s “A Different Story” in The American Poetry Review.

Denise interviewed in Limp Wrist.

One response to “Happy Birthday Denise Duhamel

  1. Dustin, This is sooooo sweet, this "Birthday Tribute" for Ms. Duhamel. Good on you!
    btw, DO check out your recent posts–I've been catching up with you, and have commented at several of ur posts……
    Peace, yo.

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