Reminder: Project Verse Prize Package

The winner of Project Verse receives the following:
 a contract for a limited edition chapbook published by Limp Wrist
 a weeklong residency at Marilyn Nelson’s Soul Mountain Retreat* (for the poet to revise and finish his/her chapbook)
 an interview with Joe Milford of “The Joe Milford Poetry Show
 a review of the chapbook that will be published in ouroboros review and Limp Wrist
 a year subscription to the Naugatuck River Review
 a copy of Best Gay Poetry 2008
 a copy of the 2008 Squaw Valley Review

3 responses to “Reminder: Project Verse Prize Package

  1. I will be crouched next to the winner ready to tear this prize package out of his or her little poetry-writing hands.

    OK, I won't do that. But I will think about doing it.

  2. That is the main reason I spent an entire weekend hunched over my laptop, writing wistful odes to Ellen Bryant Voigt a la Sylvia Plath…

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