Week 9: Duel Task


Next week, we will announce the two finalists for Project Verse!

Contestants, read this assignment thoroughly:
Pick what you consider your weakest poem written during Week 1 through Week 7 of the competition. You are going to revise the selected poem. (Yes, there is a bit of repetition with this part of the assignment since you are already revising your Week 8 poems; however, please remember the weekly assignments were written before the start of the competition.) At the bottom of the revised poem, you must write what you feel is the strongest line of the poem; I suggest you pick a line you feel you can work with. Pick everything wisely; besides being judged you on your revision technique, we are also judging you on the poem you select as well as the line.

As if revising isn’t enough!—you also have another poem to write. Pop culture references are often hard to weave into poems; however, poets like David Trinidad and Denise Duhamel do it with ease. Duhamel has a whole book inspired by the pop culture icon known as Barbie. If she can write a book of brilliant poems, surely you can write a single poem that is DRIVEN by a pop culture reference.

Your poem driven by a pop culture reference must be written in 60 lines or less.

No form constraints.

Get to writing!

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