Week 9: Duel Task ~ Results

Beth, Dustin, and Dana were joined by guest judge Denise Duhamel for Week 9: Duel Task. Click here to revisit pop culture portion of the assignment, and click here to revisit the revision portion of the assignment.


Beth Gylys said it best when she said, “I want to be clear, my top choice and bottom choice are not separated by miles, but rather by degrees of degrees.” I hope each of you take Beth’s words to heart.

Emily, you’ve earned a spot in the final two. Congratulations!

W.F. and Kathi, both of you are talented poets. Both of you have been active in the poetry scene before this contest, and I know you’ll continue after.

I’m sorry, W.F., you are on permanent caesura.

Kathi, congratulations!

4 responses to “Week 9: Duel Task ~ Results

  1. Oh, it was great fun from beginning to end.

    Thanks to Dustin for putting this together and working tirelessly to bring us a such a high quality (free) contest.

    I never expected to get this far, and I've got so many incredible drafts and TONS of criticism from such a wide array of voices to improve the work.

    Emily and Kathi — I wish you the best.

  2. Congrats to Emily and Kathi! I think the judges have made a good selection here. Can't wait to see how this wraps up.

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