Mary Norwood, In Her Own Words

Mary Norwood answers questions.

If you missed my previous posts on Mary Norwood, I hope you will take a few minutes to read them: State Senator Orrock Calls Out Mary Norwood and More on Atlanta Mayor Hopeful, Mary Norwood.

The bottom line:  In a Facebook note, State Senator Nan Orrock wrote, “Norwood walked out on them.  That’s what she does; she walks out.”  “Them” refers to Atlanta’s LGBT community.

Today, I attended a grass roots event in Grant Park, and I was able to obtain Mary Norwood’s response to Senator’s Orrock’s Facebook statement.  Take a moment to listen; you will hear the response directly from Norwood:

One attendee at the grass roots event stated that she had been impressed with Norwood as an Atlanta City Council Member because of a quick response and resolution to a problem that went unattended by Mayor Shirley Franklin’s office.  The attendee asked Norwood if she would remain accessible if elected mayor.  Norwood pledged to be a mayor that “does not hide in the weeds.”  She stated she will be visible and quick to act to the needs of Atlanta and its citizens.

I was interested in Norwood’s search plan for filling the position of Atlanta’s Chief of Police.  Many people have suggested she start a nationwide hunt; however, she wants to start the search by looking within. She stated the people of Atlanta need someone who already knows the ins and outs of Atlanta, not someone who will have to spend months learning the city.  Norwood wants to do an online poll with APD officers to see who they feel should fill the spot.  She also wants to involve members of the Atlanta City Council to be part of the interview process.  And, to top it off, when it comes to time for the interviews, Norwood wants candidates to come with a written plan of action of what needs to be done.

Here is a link to a video from tonight’s WSBTV debate:
Candidates on Saving City Services

3 responses to “Mary Norwood, In Her Own Words

  1. You have stated in correct fact in your story with the voting of the City Council President. The Atlanta City Council President can ONLY vote if a tie takes place at a Full Atlanta City Council meeting. So when a tie does not place the Atlanta City Council President record will always show NV (not voting). To state that the Atlanta City Council President Lisa M. Borders did not vote or support the DPB vote is in correct and wrong. She supported the issue and made it know to the City Council members and the public. It would be nice to state the correct voting rights per the City Charter for Council President. As to Mary not voting that is correct she left the Council floor for that vote.

  2. Glen– I deleted that statement to keep things in line and accurate. Thanks for the information. I can always count on you!

  3. Dustin – thank you. I really appreciate your reporting in the City Council and Mayor’s race. Really good reading. Please keep it up.

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