I Am Not Dead

Well, I have been away from the blogosphere for a bit.

I’m back and thinner.  I lost 11lbs over a two-month period thanks to a Biggest Loser-esque competition. 

The day job has had a steady increase in its hectic overwhelming nature since Jan 2010, and as of last week I was handed a huge project that will make my work life intense over the next three months.  While work has been stressful, it has been good to keep my mind of certain negative things in my life.  Plus, I love a good challenge– I don’t learn by coasting by.  However, the day job has definitely taken a toll on my writing.  BUT, there is good news.  I have been writing…. writing… writing…. over the last few months.  It seems I am making up for lost time.  The new stuff is probably a bit darker and definitely more angrier than most of my work, so I’m curious to see how people react to it. 

I have one sect of poems that I’m not ready to share with the world– only Hetero BFF Chris, Beth, and my therapist have read/heard them.  I want to share them, but I’m not at a place where I can.  I hope to get to that place in 2011 because I do want the poems to take flight– hate keeping them cooped.

I even wrote a short story earlier this month.  I was thrilled when Hetero BFF Chris said the ending surprised him, which says a lot because I often feel that he knows me better than I know myself.  I also made Homo BFF Chris read it as well, and he claims he likes it.  Now, I’m on the hard part– revisions.  I haven’t even read the short story since I completed it.  I need to make myself do it because I’d like to send it out to see if any editors like it.

Okay.  I’m at Starbucks and procrastinating some work, so I should probably get on it or the hot guy who is sitting across from me.  I want to lick him– just saying.  Okay– TMI, I know.