“Designed Diva”


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Douglas Ray (pictured to the left– please note what you can’t see is the margarita in his hand) and his partner Gordon.  We did our part to support the National Flag Football League of Atlanta–or as the kids on the street call it, the NFFLA– at a St. Patty’s Margarita Bust at Zocalo’s.  It was good times all around.

Douglas and I each have a poem in Michael Montlack’s Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on Their Muses.  Douglas’s muse is none other than the fabulous Dixie Carter.  In honor of our good times I want to share an excerpt of his fabulous poem, “Designed Diva.”


When Julia told Ima Jean, in essence,
to screw herself, for thinking the boys
dying og AIDS in the 80s were deserving
victims, I wanted to be her, to walk
in her pumps and power scarf and brooch.
I wanted her words, her deep fried
conviction laced with a jazz funeral’s edge
and debutante’s searing grace.   

Good stuff!  Buy a copy of the anthology and read the poem in its entirety.

You can also read poems by David Trinidad, Randall Mann, Paul Lisicky, D.A. Powell, Mark Doty, Jericho Brown, and many more!