The Double Ds: A ReadWritePoem Column w/ Denise Duhamel

The Double Ds
Want to know more about your favorite poets? In this monthly column, Dustin Brookshire and Denise Duhamel will ask a poet one poetry-related and one non-poetry-related question. Respondents’ answers will surprise and delight you. Look for Marilyn Nelson, Dara Wier, David Trinidad and Patricia Smith as part of this exciting series.

A Statement From The Weekly Project Verse Judges

Project Verse Contestants,

The only rules in print are the rules you agreed to abide by when you applied to participate in Project Verse.

Is the collective work of each contestant important?

One of the prizes of Project Verse is a chapbook deal with two guaranteed book reviews in two fine publications. The poems from the competition will help create and shape the Project Verse winner’s chapbook. YES, the collective work of each poet is extremely important. Just like on Project Runway, especially toward the end of the competition, the body of work throughout the competition becomes more important in determining which of the lowest ranked contestants each week will go home. As we move into the last half of Project Verse, overall performance will play a larger factor in which of two lowest ranked competitors that week goes on permanent caesura. This shouldn’t surprise you.

Keep up the good work,
The Weekly Project Verse Judges

Week 1: Meet the Weekly Judges


Beth Gylys: Beth is a professor at Georgia State University and the author of Bodies That Hum (winner of Gerald Cable First Book Award) and Spot in the Book (winner of the Ohio State University Press The Journal Award in Poetry). She is widely published in such journals as the Paris Review, The Southern Review, The Kenyon Review, The New Republic, Antioch Review, Columbia Review, Limp Wrist and many others! Click here to check out a poetry sampler by Beth, which includes a poem that landed Beth in Drury’s Poetry Dictionary.

Dana Guthrie Martin: Dana maintains an interesting and entertaining blog titled My Gorgeous Somewhere, and she co-maintains, with Nathan Moore, a blog titled Mutating the Signature. She is the creator of Read Write Poem, and her work has been published or is forthcoming in Blood Orange Review, A Handful of Stones, Fence, Knockout, Ouroboros Review, qarrtsiluni, and many more mags! Take a moment to check out her project titled Shore Tags.

Dustin Brookshire: Dustin is the founder of Project Verse, and he hopes you’ll take a moment to Tweet about the competition and link it on your Facebook page. He is also the founder of Limp Wrist, an online magazine with queer sensibility, and Quarrel, a blog that aims to take readers on the journey of revision. He is currently seeking submissions for Queens of Poetry: A Tribute to Bosselaar, Duhamel, Laux, and Wier. Dustin has been interviewed on the Joe Milford Poetry Show, and his work has been published or is forthcoming in Ouroboros Review, qarrtsiluni, Ducts, Subtle Tea, OCHO, David and more.

Starting next week, Beth, Dana, and I will be joined each Wednesday by a guest judge. Project Verse’s guest judges range from Pushcart Nominees to Pushcart Winners to NEA fellowship recipients to a Lambda Literary Award winner. Drop by Wednesday of each week to find out the identity of that week’s guest judge!

What’s at stake in the Project Verse competition
 a contract for a limited edition chapbook published by Limp Wrist
 a weeklong residency at Marilyn Nelson’s Soul Mountain Retreat* (for the poet to revise and finish his/her chapbook)
 an interview with Joe Milford of “The Joe Milford Poetry Show
 a review of the chapbook that will be published in ouroboros review and Limp Wrist
 a year subscription to the Naugatuck River Review
 a copy of Best Gay Poetry 2008

Doing The Poetry Thing in Savannah on 5/16/09

On 5/16/09, I am going to chat with some students and do a reading in beautiful and historic Savannah, Georgia.

Whenever I chat it up with students, I like to give them a packet of poems at the end of our poetry fiesta. (This is in addition to whatever poems we might be discussing in workshop/poetry chatter time.) I call it my “poems just for fun packet.” This year I am including:
“The Invisible Intruder” by Katie Chaple
“Love Poem” by David Trinidad
“Preference” by Beth Gylys
“My Savior in the Form of a Bus” by Beth Gylys
“Barcelona, City of the Sad Divas” by Charles Jensen
“Helen of Troy Does Counter Dancing” by Margaret Atwood
“Fourteen” by C. Dale Young
“What Do Women Want?” by Kim Addonizio
“The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver
“Malleus Maleficarum” by Maureen Seaton
“Malleus Maleficarum 2” by Maureen Seaton
“Cher” by Dorianne Laux
“Such A Thing” by Denise Duhamel”
“The Great Divide” by Dara Wier
“Twisted, Fucked-Up, Poor Excuse” by Dara Wier
“Garage Sale” by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Here’s the press release for the event, written by the lovely Mary Chi-Whi Kim
Poet/Editor Dustin Brookshire features at Metro Cafe

Savannah, GA- On Saturday, May 16, 5-7 pm, celebrated poet and editor Dustin Brookshire will feature for a special reading/open mic event organized and hosted by local poet, Mary C. Kim. The yet cozy Metro Cafe located at 402 Martin Luther King Boulevard has become the favorite of locals and students both.

Dustin Brookshire is an Atlanta-based poet and activist. His work has appeared in Subtle Tea, Ocho, Ouroboros Review, Qarrtiluni, and more. Dustin is the proud founder of Limp Wrist, Quarrel, and Project Verse. When you wake up each morning, he wants you to ponder the words of Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do/ with your one wild and precious life?”

Winner of a 2006 Atlanta Review International Merit Award in Poetry, Mary C. Kim has published in The New York Times Magazine and various literary journals, and won two poem commissions from The Ohio State University’s Multicultural Center. She has authored Silken Purse, a poetry chapbook published by Pudding House Press. Her multi-genre self-help book, Karma Suture, garnered an Honorable Mention in the 2007 Writers’ Digest International Books Contest.

Co-organizer of one of Savannah’s first community-based Asian American literary events in 2005, she states, “Savannah enjoys few literary events celebrating the key roles of GBLT community members in the arts. I am proud to spotlight these and other artists in our community.”

For information on Dustin Brookshire, visit; For information on Metro Cafe, visit

Who Are The Project Verse Finalists?

Who are the finalists for Project Verse?

You can find out this Friday when I am interviewed on The Joe Milford Poetry Show. I hope you’ll be able to tune in; however, if you can’t listen live, check out the archives at The Joe Milford Poetry Show’s website later for my interview.

Besides discussing a handful of poetry projects, I plan to read a mix of new, old, and really old poems….. titles including: “Bad Fruit,” “Boys Will Be Boys,” “It’s All A Crapshoot,” “Rule #3 Of Sexual Relations,” “I Haven’t Completed An MFA Program,” and more.

Sympathy vs Pity and Dustin in the Middle!

Over at Steve Fellner’s blog, Pansy Poetics, there is discussion on sympathy vs pity. I’ve put in my two cents, and I’m really interested as to what you think.

The blog post that started it all: Self-Pity Can Be a Good Thing!: The Poems of James Schuyler (Part One)

The follow-up blog post: On Poetry, Self-Pity, and Sympathy: In Response to Dustin Brookshire’s Comment on My Last Post

Visit Steve’s blog. He enjoys intellectual debates, so play nice and leave a comment.

"This Poem Wants To Be Censored"

Tonight, I used my iPhone to record “I Should Write Soap Operas” for qarrtsiluni. Now, I’m sort of addicted to recording stuff and transferring it to my computer. I recorded another poem just for my blog because it makes me feel more professional over giving into an addiction. So yeah! For a limited time, here is “This Poem Wants To Be Censored.”

OCHO #22 is OUT & I have a Poem in it

OCHO #22: Dear America Don’t Be My Valentine , guest edited by Miguel Murphy, is out. I am thrilled to have my poem “Meeting Judy Bloom” in the issue. I am also very thrilled to be among such talented writers as Brent Goodman, C. Dale Young, Matthew Hittinger, Charles Jensen, RJ Gibson, Jeremy Halinen, and Blas Falconer.