U*Space Gallery Reading

U*Space Gallery
439 Edgewood Avenue SE Atlanta, Georgia 30312

9/18/08 ~ 7:30pm

Dustin Brookshire, Genevieve Lyons, & Greg Gimpelevich!

Dustin Brookshire is the founder and editor of Limp Wrist Magazine, which he is proud to promote as an e-zine with queer sensibility. His work has appeared in numerous online journals, including SubtleTea, ToasterMag, and Atlanta Rainbow Muse. Additionally, Dustin has won awards from two state poetry societies. Besides putting words on the page to create poems, he likes to put words on the page to create awareness of issues regarding our elected officials. He’s proud that in 2007 his blog made it the floor of Georgia Senate and his call for action resulted in an invitation to the Governor’s office.

Genevieve Lyons made her stage debut at the tender age of eight when she appeared in Mrs. Anderson’s second grade class production of “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires.” She was The Fire. She thinks the most heart-rending thing ever written might be the spider scene in “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.” Her favorite insect is the ant, and she wants to visit Antarctica.

Greg Gimpelevich is a 23-year-old, Ukrainian-born Atlanta transplant living in the bitchin’ party-town known as Marietta. Having become a graduate, he does nothing relating to his degree. In light of this, he has been disowned by his parents and from the Jewish nation for not having become a doctor and/or lawyer. Although he enjoys writing “Saved By The Bell” fan-fiction in his spare time, riddled with the sort of teenage angst you may find symptomatic of a 14-year-old boy with an unquenchable thirst to see Kelly Kapauski in a two-piece string bikini, he now works as a photographer.

Fundraising & More Limp Wrist Pics

I’ve been researching the procedures to establish a nonprofit corporation since January, and I’ve finally reached the conclusion that I do not want any part of the paperwork headache. I’d rather have a company like BizFilings handle all the “dirty” work for Limp Wrist. Plus, I know a couple people who have used BizFilings and had no complaints, so why risk me making an error? The IRS isn’t too forgiving when the average makes an error.

The down side to using Biz Filings is the cost. I’ll have to spend close to $700 to stay headache free, so I have decided to do a fundraiser. At work we’ve started the Biggest Loser competition. I I thought it’d be fun to ask friends and family to pledge $1 to $3 per pound lost during the competition. We started March 28, and I’ve lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Our last weigh day is June 30– so that’s a total of 12 weeks of losing!

Starting next week the competition organizer, Jan McAlister, the Nurse Practitioner who runs our Lipid Management Clinic (and is the smartest NP I’ve ever met), is going to write a note about how much weight I’ve lost. Then I’ll post her note in the blog. Maybe we’ll do some pictures too. (Even though I’m not a fan of chunky-Dustin pictures—see the launch party pictures below as evidence of chunky-Dustin.)

All money raised from the Biggest Loser Fundraiser will go to establish LW as a nonprofit organization. And if by some horrible chance I gain any weight throughout the competition, I’ll make a YouTube video as my punishment. I’ll do drag and let everyone vote on what song I should sing. If you’re interest in the Biggest Loser Fundraiser, send an email to dustinvbrookshire@gmail.com.
Audience shot….

Stacie Boschma reading; see her work in the 1st issue of LW.

Collin Kelley and Dustin Brookshire striking a pose.

Another audience shot…

Genevieve Lyons read the work Denise Duhamel.

Lisa Allender read the work Beth Gylys.

Donna Narducci, Atl Pride ED & Dustin Brookshire

More pictures will be available by Friday on the LW Myspace page.

All of the fantastic pictures were taken
by the talented
Greg Gimpelevich.
Greg’s Online Portfolio

Overdue Pictures from 2/28/08 Limp Wrist Launch Party

Here’s a couple of pictures…. more later…

Bottom Row: Genevieve Lyons, Stacie Boschma, Lisa Allender
Top Row: Philip Rafshoon, Dustin Brookshire, Collin Kelley, Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Laure-Anne talking before reading a poem

Pictures by Greg Gimpelevich.

Limp Wrist Launch Party!

Last night was the Limp Wrist launch party at Outwrite, and it was fantastic event. We started off with a minute silence in memory of Lawrence King. If you haven’t heard of Lawrence King read the NY TIMES article that I’ve linked; then take a moment and Google his name. His story is tragic and needs to be shared.

Laure-Anne Bosselaar was the guest of honor and started off the night. Then I read followed by Collin Kelley and Stacie Boschma. Lisa Allender and Genevieve Lyons rounded out the night– these talented poets graciously read in place of two other poets. Lisa read for Beth Gylys and Genevieve for Denise Duhamel.

There was such good energy in the bookstore for which I am glad and thankful. The evening went off without a hitch. A dear friend of mine, Greg, took tons of pictures of the event. I’m going to meet in a week or so for a drink and to receive the CD with the pictures. (can’t wait!)

I have to give a shout out to Cousin’s Bakery for donating cookies for the event as well as Jenny Allen for donating some her tasty Jenny J’s Cheese Dip. Please contact me if you’d like more information on Cousin’s or Jenny J’s.

I give a hearty THANK YOU to Phillip Rafshoon, Outwrite owner. When I contacted Phillip about wanting to do the launch party at Outwrite, there was never a hesitation about making it happen. Phillip is unbelievably supportive to the GLTB community in Atlanta, so stop by Outwrite when you’re in the city!