Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. My mother outdid herself. We enjoyed turkey, green beans, rice, mac&cheese, okra, squash casserole, rolls, corn, and homemade cheese cake for dessert. (The corn, okra, green beans, and squash were grown in my parents garden.) After dinner we watched some of the Law & Order marathon. I could stay glued to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for hours, sadly, maybe days.

After leaving my parents’ place, Paul and I went to the theater to watch THE MIST. I was expecting to be disappointed with the movie because I often feel let down when Stephen King’s literary works are made into movies; however, THE MIST was great. Go see it this weekend; you won’t regret it.

I had two favorite performances in the movie. One was by Marcia Gay Harden as crazy-ass schizo religious zealot Mrs. Carmody. Her performance was flawless. Frances Stermhagen as Irene, the town’s caring elementary school principal, was my other favorite performance. Irene has a memorable line that will have you laughing– “I have more canned peas!” Even though I enjoyed the performances of these lovely women, I still enjoyed eye candy Thomas Jane as David Drayton— yum.

Rolled Like Dice

The day after my “Bette Davis Eyes” entry, I some how managed to knock over a cap less bottle of water during the night. Yes, water equals no stains; however, water soaking a laptop equals possible big trouble. My laptop has not functioned properly unit t0day. Praise be to Dolly for a working laptop!

Here’s some blurbs of stuff that I have wanted to blog about when I was laptop-less:

*BIG NEWS: I’ve worked in retail pharmacy since I was 16; I’ve been with my current employer for 6 years. This month all of this is changing because I am leaving my job for another. Well, I am leaving as a full time employee. I’ll probably dedicate an entry to tomorrow to this change.

*Listening to NPR this morning I found out: In April of this year soldiers serving overseas had their duty time increased from 12 months to 15 months. My Opinion: The increase is bullshit.

Georgia Speaker of the House, Glen Richardson, wants to abolish property tax and implement a 4% on EVERYTHING…… yes, everything means the items that weren’t taxed before like doctor visits, etc. My Opinion: I’m not on Speaker Richardson’s abolishing boat.

*The Southern Baptist Convention has asked all churches belonging to the group to pray for rain in Georgia and think about what God is telling us. My Opinion: A poem is in the works on this topic.

*I really want to watch BEOWULF and ENCHANTED. I’m excited that THE LOVELY BONES is being made into a movie; hope it comes together as an A+ production.

I’m Alive

I have been having laptop issues for at least a month (if not two). Hopefully, I won’t have to worry about the issues after a couple of weeks.

After working ten days straight, which probably wouldn’t have been too bad if I didn’t have to go to the doctor because of an irritating back pain, I had a five day weekend. I spent my time off in Alabama helping the boyfriend pack and move stuff to Atlanta. His mother is moving, so everything that has been stored at her place is now at our place. I had fun looking at pictures of him ranging from elementary school to junior high to high school– lots of laughing. And his mother made Taco Casserole just for me since I enjoyed the dish so much on a previous visit– delicious.

This weekend we watched THE ANNIVERSARY. I’ll I am going to say is Bette Davis is spectacular; she’s manipulative, cruel, absolutely splendid, and does it all wearing designer eye patches. Rent it!

Screen on the Green in Piedmont Park

May 31 – Casablanca

June 7 – Car Wash

June 14 – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

June 21 – Funny Girl

June 28 – E.T.

I’m not excited with this year’s Screen on the Green selection. Is it too hard to select “9 to 5,” is it Ted? Maybe Ted is still pissed at Jane, but Dolly lovers shouldn’t be punished because of their issues. Or maybe, Jada Pinkett Smith, who now owns the movie rights to “9 to 5” is the problem. Who knows? Yet another example for the books of how life is not fair.

I have no desire Casablanca—being tested over the movie in my History of Motion Picture course took the fun out of the money. But honestly, I don’t think there was much fun in it to begin with.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid will probably bring out the cowboy-wear-your-chaps-and-spurs-fetish-gays. Woohoo, wait, Yee-haw! I wonder if Hoedowns will do something special the night the movie airs…… they should even if it is something as easy as ‘Ride Your Cowboy’ night.
Funny Girl– I think anyone going to see it should get there early, early to prevent being trampled by the masses of gays. They’ll probably treat it like Barbra is live in concert at the part. I’ll go ahead and hold my gay card out; I’m so not a Barbra fan, so I know I won’t be attending Funny Girl. Change it to Party Girl will the fabulous Parker Posey, and I’ll be there. (Sorry Sissy, I know is your life force.)
E.T. should be a good time. I haven’t seen the movie in ages, so I think it’ll be the best for Paul and I have a date night at Screen on the Green.
Yeah, worth saying again, SO not excited about the line-up this year, but I guess nothing top the gayness of last year…..” I should have known you’d know where to find the boys and the booze!”……. “Don’t fuck with me fellas. This ain’t my first time at the rodeo.”…… Oh, Joan… you teach us a priceless lesson; our mothers aren’t so bad after all. I’m just glad that I had no eye injuries last year with the all the wire hangers and ajax floating around.