Hell To The No, Ms. Mobley

The women FORMERLY known as Judge Barbara Mobley resigned today.  Why would a Dekalb County judge who made around $150,000 a year resign?  Well, Ms. Mobley is floating in a well cooked stew of allegations.  Today, the AJC reports that Mobley has allegedly done everything from use her position to benefit someone behind on child-support to have a state worker access the Georgia Crime Information Center for information not related to a judicial matter to use public funds to make purchases for a church. I think Ms. Mobley forgot that Jesus said to obey the laws of the land unless they interfere with His word.  Maybe she got a call from Jesus authorizing the church purposes.  I could be out of the loop, or I could be thinking about the $3,800 in cell phone bills she racked up in 2008.  I digress! I wish I could tell you that these were all of the allegations made against Ms. Mobley; however, it boils down to the fact that after working eight hours I don’t have the energy to type all the allegations!  Barbara Mobley is one hot mess!  Yes ma’am, indeed!  If these allegations are true, I have one thing to say— HELL TO THE NO, Ms. Mobley, the citizens of Dekalb County deserve better than a trifling judge sitting on the bench.

More On Atlanta Mayor Hopeful, Mary Norwood

Norwood having fun while showing her support for the LGBT community at the '09 Atl Pride Festival.

In case you didn’t see it, I wrote a post titled “State Senator Orrock Calls Out Mary Norwood.” (Check out the link if you missed Senator Orrock’s comments, which were taken from one of her Facebook notes.

On 11/25/09, around 1pm, I sent an email with Senator Orrock’s comments and two questions to the Norwood campaign:

  1. What is your response to Senator Orrock’s statement?
  2. More importantly, why did you abstain from voting on such an important issue for Atlanta’s LGBT community?

I received an email from Roman Levit, Norwood’s campaign manager, around 6pm on 11/25/09.  Even with the runoff around the corner o and each candidate is utilizing every second of the day until then, I wasn’t expecting a response from the Norwood campaign on the same day that I sent the email.

Today, I was not able to get back in touch with Mr. Levit.  We went from email to phone conversation.  He gave a thorough reply to the comments made by Senator Orrock.

I am not going into detail about Mr. Levit’s reply; tomorrow, I will have a few minutes for a face to face interview with Mary Norwood to discuss Senator Orrock’s comments.

More to come tomorrow evening!

Miss California Thoughts & Links

There is much buzz about Carrie Prejean’s (AKA Miss California) comments and her appearance in the National Organization for Marriage sponsored commercial (that you can watch above). I know people are angry about what she said, but she was honest and respectful——-respect, something the Perez Hilton video lacks.

I do not agree with with Miss California comments, and I don’t have to– this is the beauty of our country. No two people are required to have the same opinion. While I disagree with Miss California’s opinion, I am happy that we live in a country where she can state her opinion as I can mine. Plus, I like knowing where she stands on the issue. Knowing who is against is 80% of the battle plan.

It seems Miss California-Carrie Prejean wants to be the next Anita Bryant. Go ahead, sister. Remember that Anita lost her contract promoting Florida orange juice because of her crusade against gays. You can have a form of tolerance and acceptance and not agree on an issue. Miss California better learn this quickly before she loses more than a crown.

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