All Kinds of Stars ~ Prop 8 The Musical

Yesterday, after discovering Prop 8 The Musical from the blog of the delightful Christopher Hennessy, I quickly posted it to my Facebook page. Now, it is time to bring to my blog. Christopher, you’re my hero for exposing me to this video:

Kathy Najimy + Allison Janney + Jennifer Lewis + Margaret Cho = One of my gay dreams.

Video from ATL Prop 8 Protest ~Rep Karla Drenner

First: A huge thank you to Justin for recording the speakers at the Prop 8 Protest at the Georgia Capitol.

In case you missed it: Yesterday, I posted pictures snapped with my trusty phone. Also, check out Collin Kelley’s blog for more pictures.

The video below is of Representative Karla Drenner. Rep Drenner mentions something I have been fearing during the past couple of General Assembly sessions– some of our elected officials will try to pull what I will tag Pulling An Arkansas. As Drenner says in the video, we need to wake up now. We need to have our game plan ready in December because we need to hit the ground running in January. You’ll see more on this topic in my blog over the next couple of months.

Revisiting 2004: Calling Out Donors of GA’s Amendment One

Later today I am protesting in two events regarding Gay Civil Rights; however, I can’t help but think about the link posted by the lovely Kate Evans. The link is to the AntiGay Blacklist, which supplies the information of donors who stand against the LGBT community by supporting Prop 8 in California. While reading the list I couldn’t help but think about how I didn’t know any information regarding the donors supporting Georgia’s Amendment One, which was approved by voters in 2004.

After playing Magnum PI, without the serious 80’s stash, I discovered YES! MARRIAGE AMENDMENT ALLIANCE INC raised $75,115 while its cohort FOCUS ON THE FAMILY GEORGIA MARRIAGE AMENDMENT COMMITTEE raised $17,650, and from what I can tell, the $17,650 came from the institution itself.

The $75,115 from YES! MARRIAGE AMENDMENT ALLIANCE INC was collected from:
Capital Research Advisors, LLC— $25,000 Donated
Kevin M. Stipe— $12,500 Donated
Robert W. Reagan— $12,500 Donated
Richard D. Gaby— $25,000 Donated

In my web research, the only information I can find on Capital Research Advisors, LLC is here. Ken Graves is listed as the contact person, so I will try to reach him next weekend for answers.

Kevin Snipe and Robert Reagan are both CPCUs with Reagan Consulting. Robert Reagan “brings more than three decades of insurance industry experience to the company that bears his name. Bobby’s expertise and integrity have ensured his reputation as a true authority within the insurance industry. He has consulted with many of the country’s most successful insurance agents and brokers, and worked with many leading financial institutions on their insurance initiatives.”

Kevin Snipe “has been with Reagan since 1991, and became a partner in 1995. He offers our clientele expertise in financial consulting in Mergers & Acquisitions (representing both buyers and sellers), agency valuation, value enhancement strategies, ownership perpetuation planning, and strategic planning.”

I saved Richard D. Gaby for last because he has recently made the news. I do not want you to forget his $25,000 donation to manipulate the Georgia Constitution against LGBT Georgians. I find it interesting that his individual donations during this past two-year election cycle violate the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, better known as McCain-Feingold. McCain-Feingold places a cap of $108,200 on individual contributions in a two-year cycle, and Gaby has donated $130,200. (Click here to read the article on Mr. Richard D. Gaby in the AJC.) You are probably wondering who employs Richard D. Gaby? The answer to the question is easy; Gaby is the powers that be at Peter Island Resort.

Yes, Georgians,it has been four years since the Georgia Constitution was amended; however, I hope you are just as angry today as you were four years ago. Be angry for us. Be angry for California, Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas.

Protest! Voice your opinion any and every way you know how!


Remember the words of Martin Luther King, Jr—- Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

Now, you know their names. You know where they work. Boycott them. Boycott their places of employment.

If our rights are not important to them, well, neither should our money.

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