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’09 Why I Write Participants
Karen Head
Oliver de la Paz
Arisa White
Mark Wunderlich
Andrew Demcak
Alan Shapiro
Randall Mann
Amy Pence
Patricia Smith
Barbara Crooker
Michelle McGrane
Mary Jo Bang
Robert Pinsky
Ellen Steinbaum
Paul Lisicky
Virgil Suárez
D.A. Powell
Didi Menendez

’09 Eye Candy
Evan Wadle
Jessie Pavelka
Lars Stephan
Jared Padalecki

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Voted as the ’08 fave in the WHY DO I WRITE series:
Matthew Hittinger

Voted as the ’08 fave in the SUNDAY EYE CANDY series:
Bryan Thomas

I went through each month and selected some posts I wanted to put in the spotlight. I have my reasons as for why I’ve selected each post. I hope you’ll have a few minutes to browse:

Key West Literary Seminar & Workshop Thoughts

Limp Wrist Launch Party

Letter to Senator Dan Moody

1993 to ? … When Will DADT Rest in Peace

Dear Mr. Rove: 32 Letters to Karl Rove

Only 1 boring post for the month. NEXT!

Editorial in David

“Cher” by Dorianne Laux

Limp Wrist & Tax-Deductible Donations: Now In The Same Sentence ties
Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

Is Chambers the One for District 81?
Dolly ~ “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show”
Limp Wrist Scholarship

Prop 8 Protest ~ Atlanta
Not In My Georgia
Obama-Biden: Plan to Strengthen Civil Rights

People & Their Os
“You’re Likeable Enough Gay People”
Woman Gang Raped in East Bay

2008 Sunday Eye Candy Roster

The name of each hot piece of man is a link to his/her entry in the Sunday Eye Candy series:

Eric Mabius: 11/30/08

Preston Lee: 11/2/08

Dominic Purcell: 10/12/08

Mark Vanderloo: 9/14/08

William Levy Gutiérrez: 8/31/08

Paul Walker: 8/17/08

Brett Novek: 8/3/08

Gerard Butler: 7/27/08

James Marsden: 5/25/08

Bryan Thomas: 5/11/08

Justin Bruening: 5/4/08

Chris Bailey: 4/27/08

Nigel Barker: 4/20/08

Michael Weatherly: 4/13/08