Bryan Thomas for DNA’s Mate of the Year

The sexy specimen of man you see above is Bryan Thomas, I am proud to say he was Sunday Eye Candy back in May of this year

Bryan needs our help!

Ladies, no. Bryan doesn’t need a back rub. Gays, no. Put your shower cap back because Bryan doesn’t need his back washed. Bryan can use our vote since he is up for DNA’s Mate of the Year. Go ahead, lick your computer screen… touch yourself.. do whatever you need to do as long as you click here and vote!

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Georgia Voter

I left work around 4:25pm to go to my voting precinct. I toted; then I went to Kroger for popcorn and margarita mix. (I might need a margarita to celebrate or to drown my sorrows.) I arrived home around 5:25pm. I am quite happy that my voting experience took no more than ten minutes.

The BF is picking up pizza on his way home, so if nothing else, it will at least be a night of good company.

Jill "Bully" Chambers Wants to Be Re-Elected

Dearest Blogosphere,

On Wednesday of last week, I wrote a blog post about Rep Jill Chambers, and I told myself it would only one post to get everything out of my system. However, I was flipping through the channels last night and caught the end of a Chambers’s commercial, and I noticed it was a new one. I stayed on the channel until the commercial played again only to become even more frustrated with Rep Jill “Bully” Chambers.

In her latest commercial, Chambers says- and forgive me if I have a word or two off–“Chris Huttman calls me unethical. This is the same Chris Huttman who is known on the internet as Chris is hardcore.” Chris Huttman does have a website with an address of I encourage you to visit the website. Feel free to visit at work as it is a work friendly/safe site. And here is the issue, Rep Chambers is trying to play on the word HARDCORE. I think the average person associates hardcore with porn or bad, and Rep Chambers is counting on this correlation. Don’t fall prey to Rep Chambers’s suggestive politics. Yes, Chris is hardcore– hardcore about holding elected officials accountable. He is hardcore about wanting the best for District 81. And, well, Rep Chambers, in this instance, there isn’t a negative thing about being hardcore.

If the hardcore bologna wasn’t enough, Rep Chambers comments that Huttman calls Vernon Jones a great CEO. Now, she is trying to drown by political association. However, Rep Chambers forgot to mention she has accepted donations for her campaign from Vernon Jones. Now wait, that doesn’t make sense, Rep Chambers doesn’t like Jones, but I guess she likes his money. Don’t take my word for it– see the image below, which can also be found via the Secretary of State’s website.

District 81, it is time for us to take a stand and elect a politician who isn’t a bully but will still fight with determination for the best for our District. It is time to fire Rep Jill “Bully” Chambers from the GA House of Representatives.

hoping you’ll vote,

I’m going to email Chris Huttman to see if he’ll do an interview via email.

Is Chambers the one for District 81?

A number of years ago, I had the then pleasure of interning/working with State Representative Jill Chambers. I met Rep Chambers because I wrote all of the members of the Georgia House of Representatives asking them to pledge support to HB 885–The Nondiscrimination Act of 2003. When a Representative didn’t respond to my letter within 2 or 3 weeks I sent a follow-up letter that let them know I understood they are busy–bla-bla-etc—“but a number of your peers found time to write me.” Well, I had to send one of the follow-up letters to Rep Chambers, and she responded quickly to the letter. I continued to send occasional letters and emails to reps regarding bills that caught my interest, and Rep Chambers always responded. Before long I was in her office finding a way to be involved with her service to District 81.

Rep Chambers was the only Republican to vote no against the GA constitutional amendment (regarding gay marriage). I still admire her vote; however, as she said in her Capitol office– she voted the way she felt her constituents wanted her to vote. If memory serves me correctly, after her vote, GA Equality sent Rep Chambers a t-shirt with a spine printed on the back with a quote of “I’ve got backbone” or something of that nature. Rep Chambers says she wore the shirt proudly to the Atlanta Pride Festival after the whole debacle of amending the constitution. Not that attending an Atlanta Pride affects how Rep Chambers does her job, but I am curious as to how many festivals she has attended since she wore her “backbone” t-shirt. I would assume if she is so accepting and supportive of her LGBT constituents she might make at least a brief appearance each year. Maybe she goes only when she has something “to wave” in our faces.

I remember when I became disappointed with Rep Chambers. It was during her 2004 re-election bid. One of the gentleman she hired to manage her campaign asked me to attend a fundraiser for Rep Chambers’s opposition to count how many drinks the opposition consumed during the night. When does interning/assisting with a campaign come to counting alcoholic beverages? I am sure Rep Chambers would say she never knew I was asked to do such, and I think that would be ironic since during that campaign, if memory serves me correctly, her campaign sent out fliers about the opposition receiving a DUI during his college days.

And now, more disappointment. I read in the AJC’s Politic Insider that Rep Chambers tried to intimidate the man who filed a complaint on her with the State Ethics Commission. (Click here for the complete article.) Let me share some info from a police incident report:

According to [Jeremy] Tanner, last Tuesday, Chambers herself came to his residence, took pictures of his house and yard, knocked on his door, and told him “you are in serious trouble.”

….The resident said Chambers also told him that it was “a very serious offense to accuse an elected official of bribery.”

Tanner said he told Chambers to leave the property, and closed the door, after which he said that the state representative continued to knock and say,”Come on out and talk to me, Jeremy.”

After working with Rep Chambers, I believe she did exactly what Tanner claims. Rep Chambers seems to likes to use intimidation when she feels she needs to show her power wants to “defend” herself. Read some of her fliers from previous re-election bids if you think I might be a bit of course with my thoughts. When will Rep Chambers learn that intimidation is a bully tactic most people outgrow after middle school?

Mentioning middle school, let’s talk education for a moment. On Rep Chambers’s website she touts, Jill re-wrote the charter school laws in 2005 to allow more tax money to be used for direct student instruction. In 2008, DeKalb Schools will get a $250,000 grant to retrofit school buses for cleaner diesel emissions. Isn’t that $250,000 grant lovely. Why doesn’t Rep Chambers mention the $8,788,912 in austerity reductions the Dekalb County Schools have battle during the 2008 fiscal year? Dekalb County citizens, keep austerity cuts in mind because they basically equal increases in property taxes.

Also, on her website, Rep Chambers touts, MARTOC – Committee Chairman – Jill is Chairman of the Committee to oversee MARTA spending. Is that all she has to say? What has she done as Committee Chairman? Seriously, don’t brag about being chairman of committee if you can’t list off some accomplishments. For me, titles mean nothing– actions do.

I bet this entry earns me a spot on Rep Chambers’s crap-list. She might even regret or forget all the lovely comments she made about me to some Log Cabin members at a fundraising event at the now closed Red Chair. She might even regret the nice recommendation
she wrote for me when I applied for a political internship with HRC. Oh well, I have to speak my mind.

I recall, from those days of old, Rep. Chambers stating she needs 10% of the Democrats in District 81 to vote for her to win. Yes, I voted for Rep Chambers in the last election because at that time I did believe in her, but those days are gone. I will NOT be part of the 10% Rep Chambers needs to keep her seat. I will NOT cast another ballot in favor of Jill Chambers. District 81 is need of change in the Georgia House of Representatives. Come on Chris Huttman!

from the blog of Rand Knight

Saxby continues to make Shameless decisions!
Posted by: Rand
on 6/11/2008

This week, newspapers around Georgia ran a column with the headline: GOP Hopes Saxby will be part of Firewall.

This statement should have Georgians gravely concerned.

The Republican Party is banking on the re-election of Senator Chambliss. This would place him among the 41-senator “firewall” the Republican Party is attempting to build. This 41-person group would prevent the Democrats from stopping any Republican filibusters.

The November election is five months away, and the Republicans are already planning strategic maneuvers to thwart any legislation rooted in democratic values from being passed.

Saxby’s voting record proves that he is not in favor of Family-Friendly policies:

-Senator Chambliss voted against expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program

-Senator Chambliss voted against funding for the Medicare program and supported ending the federal guarantee of insurance provided by Medicaid

-Senator Chambliss voted to cut education funding

-Senator Chambliss voted against increasing the minimum wage

-Senator Chambliss voted against appropriating $14 billion for the Veterans Benefits Administration for the years 2006-2010

Saxby Chambliss has illustrated that he is not concerned about children, families, students, workers or veterans.

As his constituents, we deserve to know, for whom is Senator Chambliss concerned?

The answer to this question was made very clear yesterday in the Senate. Senator Chambliss voted against allowing the Senate to take up a bill which would have increased taxes on oil company profits and rescinded oil company tax deductions- thereby allowing oil companies to keep $30 billion in profits that would have gone back to men and women in America.

We cannot have another six years of Saxby Chambliss as part of the “firewall” that blocks family-oriented legislation in favor of legislation to benefit corporations.

When I get to the Senate, I will fight for the people of Georgia. You will be my top concern. I will support legislation to provide healthcare for those who need it, benefits to veterans and increases in education funding. I will sponsor legislation to bring new family-supporting, union-friendly jobs in renewable energy to this state to revive our economy.

*All the above is from the blog of Rand Knight*

Rand Knight for US Senate