Working with an Online Mag

Two rounds of antibiotics only to find out I’m battling a nasty virus that is going around. I was off from work Thursday and Friday to attend AWP; however, I ended up using my time off to rest and recover. I feel much better this evening– I guess doing nothing and sleeping in is as good as the doctor says.

A lot is going on…..
(1)I am excited to be working with Toastermag, which is an online magazine that’s been around for a little over a year. I discovered Toastermag this week and wrote the editor suggesting a poetry section (or department as the mag calls it) only to find out the magazine used to have a department titled “Freehand.” After a few emails with the editor, “Freehand” is coming back. I along with fellow poet and friend, Lisa Allender, will be featured in the next issue of Toastermag. I’m proud to say I’ll be looking for three or four poets to share a couple of poems for each issue of Toastermag. If you are interested please let me know, and please share this information with others.

(2) I am trying to finish a scholarship/fellowship application for the Wesleyan Writers Conference. The poems I am submitting have been selecting; however, I have to finish the final touches on my letter of intent and revise my resume. Only way I’ll be able to attend the conference will be if I receive a scholarship/fellowship.

(3) The monthly poetry group I started about five or six months ago is going strong. I’m proud of the core members; it thrills me to find others who take time out of their schedules to share the same passion in poetry. During even months we simply critique poems; during odd months we do an exercise to generate new work. I have a fun exercise for this month.

(4) The whole saving money for school isn’t working as I had planned. I can’t save money for school because everything that can cost is popping up and draining my funds. I thought my tax return would be my saving grace— oh, how I was wrong…. sucks how the real world eats, sleeps, and fucks you over via money.

(5) New roomie is moving in tomorrow. She seems pleasant and respectful. I only ask that this one work out better than the last two. Definitely send positive vibes my way on this topic!