To The One Who Raped Me

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“True to the overt nature of its title, To The One Who Raped Me might not be a poetry collection people will want to read for pleasure, but it’s a poetry collection that people need to read. Brookshire takes a personal tragedy and turns it into an indispensable tool for survival, healing, and understanding. This book is a multi-faceted guidebook; if you are ever raped, this is what you’re going to go through; and if you know someone who has been raped, this book is the key to understanding that person and helping him or her on their way to recovery.”

Shaindel Beers, author of Secure Your Own Mask

“Dustin’s poems are economical and direct. His acute self-awareness overcomes any hint of sentimentality. His narrative style speaks volumes in handling the delicate subject of male rape as one poem flows into the next. He makes this very personal experience feel significant and relevant, reminding us of the deep importance of poetry and how it helps us make sense of difficult subject matter.”

January Gill O’Neil, author of Rewinding

“Telling the people close to you, watching a violent movie, feeling regret for what you think you might have done differently, the images that remain to haunt–all these are the subjects of his poems and they are not easy to read or to think about. But they are important to read, just as they were important to write. Dustin writes about how hard it is to say the word, to say that it happened to you. And yet, ‘the words open a cage door./ I will never go back in.’ His words may give others the courage to open the door, too.”

Ellen Steinbaum, former Boston Globe columnist and author of This Next Tenderness