Love Most Of You Too

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“In Love Most of You Too, Dustin Brookshire’s second chapbook—a funny, tender, smart, utterly winning collection of poetry—Brookshire lets us know, “it’s OK not to accept what’s in front of you at face value.” His poems explore the vicissitudes, limitations and foibles of life and love, sometimes hilariously, sometimes subtly, sometimes with the force of a razor blade to a wrist. The book both pays tribute to his poetic idol, Denise Duhamel, and solidly establishes Brookshire’s singularly sassy, incisive confessional voice. From the more serious poems that address homophobia to the politically charged poems to the hilarious “Rule #3 of Sexual Relations” (a delightful romp, impossible to summarize), emotional acuity, ferocity, and facility with form are on full display in this page-turning gem.”

Beth Gylys, author of Body Braille

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